Management Purpose & Strategy

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Diagram of the President’s Vision

    • Sangmyung Educational Principles

    • Educational Goals

    • Educational Purpose

    • SMART 2005
    • SMART 2015

Sangmyung educational principles and intermediate/long-term development plan

Sangmyung educational principles and intermediate/long-term development plan
Management Strategy Management Purpose
Globalized University Specialized University Customer-oriented University Open University
Optimization of Educational Environment
  • Expanding Globalizing Educational Programs
  • Expanding Specialized Infrastructure
  • Constructing Customized Educational System
  • Opening Facilities and Education Course
  • Constructing Globalizing Educational Courses
  • Expanding Foreign Exchange Programs
  • Securing Specialization Facilities
  • Developing IT Specialty Infrastructure
  • Developing non-IT Specialty Infrastructure
  • Improving Educational Course
  • Construction Information Education Support System
  • Improving Campus Environment and Expanding Educational Facilities
  • Opening Educational Courses for Contributing to the Local Society
  • Opening Facilities for Contributing to the Local Society
Capacity Reinforcement
  • Strengthening International Academic Exchange and Cooperation
  • Strengthening Cooperation and Enhancing IT and Academic Unit-specific Capacity
  • Enhancing Members’ Capabilities
  • Strengthening Out-of-school Activities of Professors/Students
  • Strengthening International Academic Research
  • Securing Facilities regarding Globalization
  • Exchange of Personnel and Facilities
  • Strengthening IT Specialty
  • Strengthening non-IT Specialty
  • Strengthening Students’ Employment Competitiveness
  • Strengthening Education and Research Capability
  • Strengthening Administrative Personnel's Capability
  • Strengthening Research Supporting Function
  • Strengthening Out-of-school Activities of Professors
  • Activating Students’ Out-of-school Volunteering Activities
Forming Alliance And Network
  • Construction of Global Network
  • Construction of Cooperation Paradigm
  • Education and Support Exchange
  • Strengthening Community Ties
  • Forming Alliance with Foreign Universities
  • Strengthening Cooperative System and Alliance
  • Expanding Industry-Academic Cooperation Exchange
  • Expanding Industry-Academic Cooperation
  • Strengthening Support Activities for Local Society
  • Enhancing School’s Public Image on Local Society
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System Chart of Characterization Goal and Strategies


Advancing Development of Characterized Fields through Choice and Concentration Strategy of the Purpose Core Capability

  • Differentiation of Personal
    and Material Support
  • Ensure Excellence in the Leading
    Fields by Concentrating Resources
  • Mutual Development of Expanding
    Capabilities in the Leading Fields

Operation of Goal-oriented,
Flexible and Elastic Educational System

Operation of Goal-oriented, Flexible and Elastic Educational System
  • Multidisciplinary Education Characterization
  • Characterization per Academic Field
  • Expanding Advanced Technology Education and Infrastructure
Operation Strategies
  • Construction of Interdisciplinary Alliance System
  • Construction of Education·Research Supporting System
  • Cultivation of Professional Human Resources
  • Construction of Industry-Academic Alliance System
  • Developing Characterization Directions per Academic Field
  • Construction of Characterization Supporting System
  • Educational Course Characterization
  • Cultivation of Professional Human Resources
  • Strengthening Research Capabilities
  • Expanding Internet Lecture Infra
  • Expanding Exchange with Foreign Universities
  • Expanding Joint Studies with Foreign Graduate Schools
  • Utilizing Infrastructure of Businesses or Sister Schools
  • Activating Industrial-Academic Joint Research System
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