The school was originally founded in 1937 as the
Sangmyung High School of Art and Design,
which was established with the goal of raising ethnic
leaders in the Japanese colonial period.

Following the liberation, it developed into Sangmyung Women's Normal University (1965) and Sangmyung Women's University (1986). In 1996, Sangmyung University was reborn as a coeducational school in order to to actively cope with the changing times and to expand educational opportunities. It is the 18th year as a coeducational university this year, and it has been evaluated as a successful change from members of the school community, alumni, and students on campus.

After the transition to a coed school, students’ ardor for study has risen, as can be seen in the increase of the library utilization rate. Among other things, the employment rate has increased, and alumni activities centering around male alumni have become more active as well.

In addition, having been selected as as "the best university" and "the best graduate school" in the comprehensive evaluation of the 2nd cycle university administered by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, the prestige of our university is rising in the world.

  • June 12

    Selected for the support project of admission officer capacity strengthening program (400,000,000 KRW)

  • September 20

    Dr. Goo Gi-heon became the tenth president

  • December 23

    Obtained Three Year Certification as a University with Excellence in Attracting and Managing Foreign Students

  • December 27

    Obtained Five Year Certification for Evaluation of University Institutions

  • November 16

    New departments established for general graduate school for 2013

  • September 20

    Dr. Kang Tae-beom became the ninth president

  • November

    [SMART 2015R] Established the mid-to-long term development plan for Sangmyung University

  • April 11

    Dr. Lee Hyeon-cheong became the eighth president

  • August 12

    Selected the second phase of [SMART 2015], the mid-to-long term development plan, specialized / concentrated nurturing program

  • May 17

    The 70th anniversary of Sangmyung Schools

  • November 29

    Acting president Kang Tae-beom became the Vice-President of Seoul Campus

  • February 20

    Named as the "Best College" and "Best Graduate School" in the second annual university evaluation by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources

  • March 09

    Elevation of Cheonan Campus' army reserve battalion authorized

  • March 21

    Elevation of Seoul Campus' army reserve battalion authorized

  • January 21

    Establishment of ROTC program authorized

  • July

    [SMART 2015] established the mid-to-long term development plan for Sangmyung University

  • November 21

    Designated as a pilot college for ROTC program

  • November 29

    Dr. Seo Myeong-deok became the seventh president